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Learn More About Flower Farms


At FTD, we search the world, seeking the finest flowers from fields where they thrive in ample sunlight and rich soil, under meticulous care.


...then hand gathered and brought together by floral professionals to form bouquets that hold an incredible value due to their color, size and freshness.


Farm fresh flowers arrive in a beautiful gift box ready for the recipient's enjoyment...


Our farm fresh bouquets are picked by our growers at the peak of the harvest...


At FTD, we insist on only the best flowers for our bouquets, ensuring that the sentiments you wish to express will be apparent with each incredible bloom.


...and delivered to their front door.

Where Our Quest For The World's Finest Flowers Begins

  • Stock California, Colombia, Ecuador
  • Roses Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala (Sweethearts: Kenya, Tanzania, India, Colombia)
  • Lilies Costa Rica, California, Colombia, Ecuador, Holland
  • Sunflowers California, Ecuador, Colombia, Michigan, Florida
  • Matsumoto Asters Colombia, California
  • Ginger Costa Rica
  • Hydrangea Colombia, Holland, California
  • Peonies Holland, Michigan
  • Iris California, Costa Rica
  • Snapdragons Colombia, Ecuador , California
  • Freesia Holland, Ecuador
  • Daffodils Holland (this years were pencil daffs grown in England, imported through Holland)
  • Orchids Thailand, Holland
  • Mokara Orchids - Thailand
  • Tulips Holland, California, Michigan, Virginia, Canada
  • Calla lilies Colombia, Ecuador, California
  • Carnations - Colombia
  • Peruvian lilies Colombia, Ecuador
  • Gladiola Michigan, California, Mexico
  • Alstromeria Colombia, Ecuador
  • Bells of Ireland - Ecuador
  • Bulpleurm Holland, Ecuador
  • Delphinium Ecuador, Holland, California
  • Gerbera Daisy California, Ecuador, Colombia, Holland
  • Hypericum - Ecuador
  • Lisianthus Ecuador, California
  • Queen Anne's Lace - Ecuador
  • Wax flower Peru, Israel, Australia, New Zealand, California

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